Submit Multimedia Files

Submit Multimedia Files

1.Surgical Video should be limited to 20 minutes, with brief narration or description.

2.The acceptable video formats include mp4, flash video (.flv), MPEG video files,DVD video format, mov, avi and wmv format. But we would suggest MP4 video codec with H264 and audio codec with AAC.

3.Please set the video aspect ratio as 4: 3 or 16: 9 (widescreen). The video must be of good quality--the video screen size is not less than 1280X720, the video frame rate not less than 24 frames per second, and the video bit rate not lower than 5Mbps (the Original video).

4.All the text notes, explanations or descriptions, etc. in the video must be in English. And the loge or watermark of the hospital cannot be stick on the screen all the time.

5.Do not insert music into the video, unless the authors can provide the written permission from the publisher for the re-use of the music while submitting the video.

For promotion, all accepted videos will be subsequently included in AME Surgical Video Database (ASVIDE: and its youtube channel (


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